Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is cancer found in the lower part of your digestive system, or the large intestine. Regular medical screenings are recommended for people over 40, as these screenings often allow a doctor to see collections of polyps, which might later turn into cancer cells (though they are usually benign when found earlier). However, sometimes medical errors or malpractice leads to a case of colon cancer being misdiagnosed. As a result of this failure to properly diagnose, a person suffering from colon cancer may not discover they have the illness until it has progressed to a point where it is extremely dangerous and much harder to treat.

Colon Cancer Stages

When a misdiagnosis of colon cancer occurs, the cancer might be allowed to develop into more advanced stages, with each progressive stage posing greater dangers to the person. The different stages of development for colon cancer include:

  • Stage I – Cancer is contained within the colon wall.
  • Stage II – Cancer may have spread outside the colon wall, but not to nearby lymph nodes.
  • Stage III – Cancer has invaded nearby lymph nodes.
  • Stage IV – Cancer has spread widely, sometimes affecting internal organs.

While each stage of colon cancer can pose dangers, the earlier doctors can detect and diagnose this form of cancer, the better chance a patient has of receiving successful treatment and recovering.

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